Michael David Johnson



"Logan was a joy of an energy to work with. It’s clear that he understands that a successful collaboration requires a firm focus on the prize alongside a good rapport with the crew, and he displays an innate ability to maintain both, even when the pressure is on. As an AD he put himself into his job, working hard for the project and the crew. He has both my respect and my praise. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again."


Brad Highland



"Logan is an organized, detail-oriented, forward thinking AD with a strong Midwest work ethic, dedication to his work, and passion for filmmaking.

What most sets Logan apart from other AD's is his calm on-set demeanor. He strikes that perfect balance of being loud and authoritative without being a yeller. He uses positivity and thoughtfulness to cultivate a team-oriented atmosphere where each crew member feels valued. He doesn't tell crew what to do, but rather asks, "What can I do to help you achieve our common goal."

On the project Baby Obsession, Logan worked very closely during prep and production with his director and all department heads, facilitating clear, concise communication to ensure everyone was on the same page and understood was was expected of them on set. He was very conscious of all the individual elements needed for each scene, following up with Art and other departments to ensure all props, costumes, set dressing, etc was ready to go on the day.

Communicating effectively with his director and DP, Logan was able to review the schedule and adapt on the fly to create a highly-efficient shooting process, enabling us to make our days and often pull up work from tomorrow."


Westley Valentin



"Logan is one of the few people that I've met in this industry whose passion for filmmaking is matched by his work ethic. He's a true student of film and is constantly improving his skills and educating himself with this ever evolving industry. His grasp and understanding of true story telling is his driving motivation to produce the exceptional work that he is known for. Leadership skills, attention to detail and organizational skills are what set him apart from the pack. On any production, Logan is the type of person you desperately need on any production."


Samantha Telford

"Logan Thomas Peterson was a pleasure to work with. He is professional and productive, stays on task, with a strong worth ethic. His calm demeanor makes him very approachable. He is a hard worker and an all around asset to have on your team as an assistant director!"